XI Latin American Workshop on
Nonlinear Phenomena


Invited Speakers


(*) to be confirmed



Flávio M. de Aguiar (Brazil)

Jahn-Teller and Renner-Teller intersections in a quantized Sinai billiard: Numerical and microwave experiments


Marcus A. M. de Aguiar (Brazil)

Dynamical processes on networks

  Ezequiel Albano (Argentina) On the interplay between spatial and time discrete scale invariance in dynamical process in fractal media
  Maximino Aldana (Mexico) Phase transitions and collective motion: A recent debate

Alfredo M. Ozório de Almeida (Brazil)

Nonunitary evolution of the density operator


Ernesto Altshuler (Cuba) *

Quantifying the dynamics of real ants


José Soares Andrade (Brazil)

Optimal path cracks: a model for the collapse of transportation networks


Marcelo Ramírez Ávila (Bolivia) *

Clustering and synchronization in relaxation oscillators: From integrate-and-fire to light-controlled oscillators

  Marcia Barbosa (Brazil)

Dynamic and thermodynamic anomalies in water

  Eli Barkai (Israel)

Weak ergodicity breaking and its relation to weak chaos


Christian Beck (UK)

Complex systems with time scale separation: New applications of superstatistical techniques


Luis Benet (Mexico)

Statistics planetary systems: Variations on a model by Laskar


Rodolfo Borzi (Argentina)

The magnetisation curve in the spin ice Dy2Ti2O7 for H//[111]: experiments at low temperature

Denis Boyer (Mexico)

Modeling animal movements in complex environments

  Sergio Cannas (Argentina)

Long range dispersal and pattern formation in natural invasion processes


Giulio Casati (Italy)

Classical and quantum transport: from Fourier law to thermoelectric efficiency

  Dante Chialvo (USA)

Brain’s statistical physics


Kim Christensen (UK)

Movement patterns and social organization: How ants move inside their nests

  Marcel Clerc (Chile) Driven front propagation in 1-D spatially periodic media: Experiments and theory

Mario Cosenza (Venezuela)

Synchronization induced by intermittent versus partial drives in dynamical networks


Thierry Dauxois (France)

Nonlinear internal waves in physical oceanography

  Ronald Dickman (Brazil)

Recent results on absorbing-state phase transitions

  Hugo Fort (Uruguay)

Catastrophic shifts in ecosystems: Early warnings and management procedures (inspired in the physics of phase transitions)

  Jason Gallas (Brazil)

Structuring  of periodic and chaotic behaviors in nonpolynomial kinetics: the case of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction

  Theo Geisel (Germany)

Phase transitions towards self-organized criticality in neuronal systems


Pablo Gleiser (Argentina)

Modeling brain functional networks

  Peter Grassberger (Canada) Two applications of mutual information to biological data analysis
  Celso Grebogi (UK)

Queueing phase transition: Theory of translation


Susana Hernández (Argentina)

Wetting patterns and instabilities on nanostructured surfaces

  Hans Herrmann (Swirtzerland) Robustness of social networks
  Imre Jánosi (Hungary) Detecting nonlinearities in fluctuating atmospheric parameters

Mogens Høgh Jensen (Denmark)

Oscillation patterns in genetic feed-back loops


V. M. Kenkre (USA)

Nonlinear extinction of biological  populations


Joseph Klafter (Israel)

Fractional kinetics in biological systems


Marcelo Kuperman (Argentina)

A model for the evolution of geopolitical division of the Ancient World

Jorge Kurchan (France)

Geometric order in amorphous systems

  Jurgen Kurths (Germany)

Complex networks in brain and climate dynamics


Hernán Larralde (Mexico)

Aggregation of retail stores

  Hernán Alejandro Makse (USA) Theory of random packings

Verónica Marconi (Argentina)

Geometrical depinning and rectification of domain walls in a multiply connected space


Arturo Martí (Uruguay)

Turbulent fountains in stratified flows


Cristina Masoller (Spain)

Quantifying stochastic and coherence resonances and detecting noise-induced order via information theory complexity measures


Cristian Moukarzel (Mexico)

Bootstrap percolation on networks with long-range couplings


Mário de Oliveira (Brazil)

Stochastic fluctuations in population dynamics


Arkady Pikovsky (Germany)

Chaotic destruction of Anderson localization in nonlinear disordered lattices

  Suani T. R.  de Pinho (Brazil)

Modelling the dynamics and control of transmitted diseases

  Angel Plastino (Argentina) Statistical mechanics' tools and quantum phase transitions
  Silvina Ponce-Dawson (Argentina)

How space and dynamics shape intracellular calcium signals


José Roberto Rios-Leite (Brazil)

Synchronization of optically coupled chaotic lasers

  Dino Risso (Chile) Conditions for the rise of a Brazil nut

Alberto Robledo (Mexico)

Statistical dynamics at zero Lyapunov exponent


David Ruelle (France)

Linear response for systems who do or do not satisfy the chaotic hypothesis


Stefano Ruffo (Italy)

Statistical mechanics and dynamics of solvable models with long-range interactions

  Marcos Saraceno (Argentina) Open quantum maps: a view from quantum information theory

Daniel Stariolo (Brazil)

Bond-orientational order and pattern formation in systems with competing interactions at different scales


H. E. Stanley (USA)

Economic fluctuations and statistical physics

  Peter Talkner (Germany)

Fluctuation and work theorems of open quantum systems


Gabriel Téllez (Colombia)

Non-linear screening of charged macromolecules


Stefan Thurner (Austria)

Linear dynamics on spaces with boundaries: almost linear systems

  Raúl Toral (Spain)

Divide and conquer: Resonance induced by competitive interactions


Constantino Tsallis (Brazil)

Why are there so many q-Gaussian-like distributions in nature?


Daniel A. Vega (Argentina)

Non-equilibrium dynamics of symmetry breaking phase transitions in block copolymer thin films

  Ricardo Luiz Viana (Brazil)

Fractal structures in nonlinear dynamics and plasma physics


Gandhi M. Viswanathan (Brazil)

Incompressible flows and random walks


Horacio Wio (Spain)

Stochastic resonance in extended systems: The role of the coupling mechanism

  Diego Wisniacki (Argentina) Loschmidt echo in perturbed cat maps