XI Latin American Workshop on
Nonlinear Phenomena





Oral Contributions


[ 20 min (aprox 15 + 5 for questions)  ]


Andrade, Roberto 

Network evolution based on minority game with herding behavior


Arenzon, Jeferson

Curvature-driven coarsening: new exact, numerical and experimental results


Argollo de Menezes, Marcio

Predicting fluxes of metabolic reactions


Beims, Marcus Werner 

Detecting focusing motion in nonintegrable Hamiltonian system


Borondo, Florentino

Homoclinic quantum numbers


Caldas, Ibere

Dynamical characteristics of plasma turbulence in TCABR tokamak


Chame, Anna

Dewetting of ultra-thin solid films


Cocho, Germinal

Two exponent power law behavior of successive correlation products: A Peripheral Limit Theorem


Dalton, Eric

On-Off Intermittency in Thin Film Electromigration


Debbasch, Fabrice 

Diffusions in fluctuating geometries


Dechoum, Kaled

Patterns Formation in Optical Parametric Oscillator


del Castillo-Mussot, Marcelo   

Many-body effects in the coalition formation process


Eguia, Manuel

Synchronized release in sensory synapses


Egydio de Carvalho, Ricardo

Fermi acceleration and dissipation on the annular billiard


Falcon, Claudio

Nonlinear wave-vortex interaction


Franco, Leonardo

Encoding and transmission of information in the brain: differences between fMRI and neurophysiological data


Gleria, Iram

Relative efficiency of financial markets and the algorithmic complexity theory 


Lee, Soo-Young 

Optical modes in chaotic dielectric microcavities


Lima, Francisco

Analysing and controlling the tax evasion dynamics and flutuations via Majority-vote model


Lyra, Marcelo

Long-range elastic-mediated interaction between nanoparticles adsorbed on free-standing smectic films


Luque, Bartolo

The architecture of mutualistic networks minimizes competition and increases biodiversity 


Macau, Elbert 

Interaction of a bouncing ball with a sinusoidally vibrating table 


Madruga, Santiago 

Stability of polymer blends with free surfaces


Martinez, Alexandre 

Fast, parallel and secure cryptography algorithm using Lorenz's attractor


Mendes, Diana Elisabeta

Learning to Play Nash in Deterministic Uncoupled Dynamics


Meyer-Ortmanns, Hildegard

Mass condensation on networks with pair-factorized steady states


Nobre, Fernando Dantas 

Nonlinear Differential Equations with a Common Type of Solution 


Ortega, Guillermo

Imbalance of synchronous activity in epilepsy


Penna, Thadeu 

Time Series Segmentation based on Entropy and Fluctuations


Sanders, David P.

Chaotic properties of three-dimensional billiards


Silva, Roberto da

The Physics of the Random telegraph signals - Decreasing the noise in semiconductor devices: An analytical and computational approach


Souza Pinto, Sandro Ely de

Periodic-orbit analysis and intermingled basins in biological systems 


Stilck, Jürgen

Solution of a lattice gas model with orientational degrees of freedom on a Husimi lattice


Tirnakli, Ugur

Analysis of self-organized criticality in complex systems


Venegeroles, Roberto

Superdiffusive Dynamics in Hamiltonian Systems


Wedemann, Roseli

Properties of memory dynamics with Generalized Simulated Annealing for modeling mental processes


Zorzenon, Rita 

Clustering parasitemia time series of malaria patients