XI Latin American Workshop on
Nonlinear Phenomena





Poster Contributions


[ maximum poster size is 1m (width) x 2m (height) ]


Posters will be presented on (I) Monday, (II) Tuesday and (III) Thursday Sessions.


For the work to be on display along the whole presentation day, we suggest to post it

early in the morning, removing it after the presentation.


Abdulack, Samyr ( III )

Unstable periodic orbits and chaos in standard map


Agnaldo, J.S.  ( III )

Fill factor and efficiency characteristics of dye sensitized nanocrystalline TiO2 photoelectrochemical cell


Altmann, Eduardo ( I )

From closed to open chaotic systems: the case of optical cavities


Alves, Sidiney ( I )

Scaling laws for aggregation process of wandering particles with correlated walks


Andrade, Roberto ( I )

A model of partial differential equations for the propagation of HIV in TCD4+ cells 


Andreguetto Maciel, Gabriel ( I )

Discrete-time predator-prey model for blowfly populations


Argollo de Menezes, Marcio ( I )

Network analysis of Folksonomies: creating a recommendation engine


Argollo de Menezes, Marcio ( I )

Finding alternative representations of formal languages: theorem proving with random walks


Arneodo, Ezequiel ( I )

Frequency jumps and source-tract coupling in birdsong


Assaneo, Maria Florencia ( I )

Evidence of dynamic in the vocal tract of suboscines birds 


Assis, Vladimir ( II )

Nonlinearly pulse-coupled stochastic excitable elements: collective excitability and discontinuous phase transitions


Azevedo, Franciane ( I )

Lotka-Volterra model of finite domains


Bacelar, Flora Souza ( I )

The evolution of male-biased parasitism


Baram, Reza Mahmoodi ( I )

Superdiffusion of massive particles induced by multi-scale flows


Batista, Adriano ( III )

A parametrically-driven magnetic pendulum 


Belardinelli, Rolando ( II )

The 1/t algorithm: Fast method to calculate the joint density state function for the adsorbed phase with multisite occupancy


Benito, Rosa M.  ( III )

On the topology of optical transport networks


Bordogna, Clelia   ( III )

Dynamic behavior of a social model for opinion formation


Bolzan, Mauricio José Alves  ( III )

Multifractal Analysis from Vertical Total Electron Content Obtained in Two Different Locations in Brazil 


Brigatti, Edgardo ( I )

Continuous and discrete models for pattern formation in a predator-prey system with a finite-range interaction


Cachile, Mario ( I )

Study of flow through porous media using Lattice-Boltzmann Method 


Cajueiro, Daniel Oliveira ( III )

Learning paths in complex networks


Camargo, Sabrina  ( III )

Riddled basins of attraction in a mechanical system


Canabarro Askery, Alexandre  ( I )

A molecular dynamics simulation of a suspension of ferroelectric nanoparticles in a nematic liquid crystal 


Carpi, Laura Corina  ( III )

Missing Ordinal Patterns and Stochastic Processes  


Carusela, Maria Florência  ( III )

Noisy and damped quantum ratchets


Carvalho Josue Xavier de ( III )

Deformed Gaussian-orthogonal-ensemble description of small-world networks


Cortines, Anderson   ( I )

Exact corrections to finite-time drift and diffusion coefficients 


Costa, Felipe  ( I )

A multi-layer model for the global intermittency in the nocturnal atmospheric boundary layer 


Coutinho dos Santos, Bernardo ( II )

Unification of Ito and Stratonovich procedures and its consequences in the power-law-decaying probability densities


Coutinho, Renato  ( II )

Resonance analysis of Hutchinson's delay differential equation 


Crokidakis, Nuno  ( III )

Geometrical phase transitions in growing networks: competition between aging and preferential attachment 


Dias, Sandra  ( III )

Solitary waves on Carbon Nanotubes    


Dias, Sandra  P.   ( II )

Influence of the finite precision on calculations


Dickman, Adriana   ( I )

Model for the transmission of malaria: mean-field approximation


Dickman, Adriana   ( I )

Phase diagram and critical exponents for the pair annihilation model in one and two dimensions


Escaff, Daniel   ( III )

Noise Induces Partial Annihilation of Colliding Dissipative Solitons


Falcon, Claudio   ( I )

Capillary wave turbulence


Faustino, Caio   ( III )

Statistical Aspects of Search Dynamics in Scarce Environments


Felisberto, Marcelo ( III )

Correlated Lévy walk


Ferreira, Anderson Augusto   ( II )

Boundary induced phase transitions in automata reaction diffusion model


Ferreira, Nuno   ( I )

Nonlinearity Analysis In International Stock Markets    


Ferreira, Ronan Silva   ( I )

Thresholds, critical exponents, and spreading patterns of the contact process on Watts-Strogatz and Barabási-Albert networks


Fiore, Carlos Eduardo  ( III )

Liquid polymorphism, order-disorder transitions and anomalous behavior: A Monte Carlo study of the Bell-Lavis model for water networks   


Florez, Jefferson   ( II )

Excitonic effects on the nonlinear optical rectification in one-dimensional quantum dots


Fonseca, Josue  ( III )

Symmetry and dissipation in coupled Huygens pendula


Freitas, Mario   ( II )

Do Arnold Tongues really constitute a Fractal Set?


Frigori, Rafael   ( II )

Extended gaussian ensemble for the mean-field Blume-Capel model


Fumiã, Herman  Fialho    ( III )

Cell differentiation on scale-free networks     


Galhardo, Carlos Eduardo   ( I )

Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Systolic Blood Pressure Control Loop


Galvao, Viviane    ( I )

A framework for complex systems by using multi-agent and complex networks: application to the evolution of Chagas’ disease  


Gama, Anderson Luis   ( II )

Fractal Formation Process in the Mandelbrot Set


Gameiro L. Martins, Caroline  ( II )

Building robust barriers to control chaotic magnetic field lines in tokamaks 


Gleiser, Pablo M.   ( III )

Complex network analysis of a semantic memory system


Gleiser, Pablo M.   ( III )

Emergent hierarchical structure in a dynamical network with chaotic units 


Gouveia Slade, Gabriel   (III)

Stability of breathers in simple mechanical models for DNA


Heckler, Marla    ( I )

Transport properties in a open square billiard


Hernandez, Kevin   ( II )

Specific Heat and Compactivity of the Parking Lot Model


Hiraiwa, Tetsuya    ( I )

Linear viscoelasticity of a single semiflexible polymer chain 


Kalmar-Nagy, Tamas   ( I )

Delay tuned phase-locking in a pair of coupled limit cycle oscillators


Kramer, Klaus   ( II )

Cellular Automata with Inertia


Kroetz, Tiago    ( I )

Investigation of Multistability and Transport on the Bouncing Ball Problem


Ladeira, Denis Gouvêa   ( I )

Competition between suppression and production of Fermi acceleration


Leoncio, Filipe  ( III )

Tokamak Equilibria with Toroidal-Current Reversal 


Livorati, Andre Luis Prando  ( I )

Scaling Investigation of Fermi Acceleration on a dissipative Bouncer Model


Loureiro, Marcos P. de Oliveira  ( II )

Curvature-driven coarsening in the two dimensional Potts model


Macias, Lucas  ( II )

Instabilities in Reaction-Diffusion Systems Modify by Porosity Changes    


Magalhães, Felipe   ( II )

Dynamics of Defects in the Swift-Hohenberg Equation


Maia, Leonardo   ( II )

Evolution and drug resistance: a computational study


Manchein, Cesar   ( II )

Instability Statistics and Mixing Rates


Mansilla, Ricardo  ( II )

The Morphogenesis of color Patterns in Reptiles as a Variational Problem


Manzi, Sergio   ( II )

One-dimensional diffusion: range of validity of the kinetic jump  


Mata, Angelica S. da ( I )

Epidemic processes in complex networks


Melo, Anderson    ( I )

Multiple Difference-frequency Generation in Nonlinear Acoustics


Mendes, Diana Aldea   ( III )

Hausdorff dimension of the attractors of Baker's transformations with holes 


Mendes, Renio    ( II )

Terrorism, power laws and long-range correlations


Menezes, Rui    ( I )

Nonlinear asymmetric co-movements in globalised stock markets: evidence from the U.S. and the E.U.


Miramontes, Octavio   ( I )

Walking patterns in termites


Morgado, Welles   ( II )

Arch generated shear bands in granular systems 


Mulansky, Mario  ( III )

Dynamical Thermalization of Disordered Nonlinear Lattices


Nascimento, Cesar  ( II )

Multifractal properties of time series and the Levy sections theorem


Nicolao, Lucas   ( II )

Orientational order of modulated phases in Langevin simulations of a scalar model with competing interactions


Ohkuma, Takahiro   ( II )

Dynamics of deformable self-propelled particles


Oliveira, Hercules Alves de  ( I )

Dynamics of two interacting particles in a 1D soft billiard


Oliveira, Marcelo M. de ( III )

Universality of the contact process with random dilution


Paiva, Leticia   ( II )

Multiscale modelling for the virotherapy of avascular papillary tumors 


Pallavicini, Carla   ( II )

Analysis of persistance during intracellular actin-based transport mediated by molecular motors  


Passos, Frederico  ( I )

A simple heterogeneus Agent-based model for traders systems


Pedron, Isabel    ( II )

Correlation and multifractality in climatological time series


Pedrosa, Juan Manuel  ( II )

Quantum chaotic resonances from short periodic orbits   


Pennini, Flavia   ( II )

Non-extensivity index  as  an indicator of non-classicality  


Pereira, Tiago    ( II )

Bifurcations in Normal Random Matrix Ensemble 


Pereira, Rodrigo  ( III )

Topological approach to synchronization times in coupled chaotic maps lattices 


Petit Lobao, Thierry  ( III )

Classifying graphs by spectra of neighborhood matrix and higher order adjacency matrices


Picoli Junior, Sergio de   ( II )

Height fluctuations in plant monoculture: non-Gaussian behavior and anti-correlations     


Polotto, Franciele   ( II )

Solutions of the Fokker-Planck Equation for Morse Isospectral Potential


Portela, Sofia   ( II )

Duration models of independent competing risks: An application to the customer churn


Ramirez, Cohen Marie Francis   ( III )

Propagation of optical solitons in semiconductor quantum dot ensembles


Ramos, Jorge   ( II )

Nonlinear response and dynamical transitions in a phase field crystal model for adsorbed overlayers


Ribeiro, Alexandre  ( II )

Semiclassical many-body density of states of a Bose gas


Ribeiro, Haroldo    ( II )

Anomalous Diffusion and Symbolic Sequences


Ribeiro, Mauricio   ( III )

Off-lattice model for neuron outgrowth


Ribeiro, Natalia   ( III )

Using an one-dimensional lattice applied to the thermodynamic study of DNA   


Roa, Miguel Angel Duran   ( I )

The Loewner equation for finger dynamics


Robazzi, Weber    ( II )

Modeling Growth With Different Classes Of Differential Equations  


Roberto, Marisa    ( III )

Symplectic Approach to Calculation of Magnetic Field Line Transport in Poloidal Divertor Tokamaks


Romanelli, Alejandro    ( I )

The Fibonacci quantum walk  


Romeo Aznar, Victoria   ( I )

A Stochastic Population Dynamics Model for Aedes Aegypti   


Rondon, Irving    ( II )

Immune response of tumor growth under power law behavior 


Rubinger, Rero    ( III )

Experimental synchronism of four Chua´s circuits 


Salmon, Octavio  Rodriguez   ( II )

Spin-Glass Attractor on Finite-Dimensional Hierarchical Lattices in The Presence of an External Magnetic Field


Sanches, Newton Lima    ( II )

Simulation of antiretroviral therapy on HIV prevalence


Sanders, David P.   ( I )

Exact mean interaction times in many-particle random walks on regular and complex networks  


Santana, Charles N. de ( III )

Self organized stability on predation networks dynamics


Santos, Marcos Cesar   ( I )

Can Collective Searches Profit from Levy Flight Strategies?


Schneider, David   ( II )

A periodic orbits based method for Nash Equilibria analysis in quantum games 


Serra, Pablo  ( I )

Gel formation with dipolar colloidal particles


Silva, Aline Pereira da  ( I )

Synchronization and transition to chaos in two coupled circle maps


Silva, Leandro A. da   ( III )

Nonlinear effects in  the dynamics governed by non-Markovian stochastic Langevin-like equations 


Silva, Roberto da ( III )

Can minimal models based on game theory to describe the dynamics of Live-streaming applications in P2P networks?


Sousa, Orahcio     ( III )

Analysis of the Package Dependency on Debian GNU/Linux


Souza e Silva, Hallan    ( II )

A Cellular Automata-based Mathematical Model for Thymocyte Development 


Szezech, Jose Danilo   ( II )

Bubbling transition and onset of spatio temporal chaos in a extended dynamical system


Szmoski, Romeu    ( III )

Synchronization in a Coupled Maps Lattice with Scaling Form of Connectivity


Tamarit, Francisco   ( III )

Synchronization in lattice-embedded scale-free networks    


Terra, Maisa de Oliveira    ( III )

Dynamical Properties of the Weak Stability Boundary and Associated Sets


Terra, Maisa de Oliveira   ( III )

Low Energy Earth-Moon Transfer Orbit Design 


Torrico C., Cesar Abraham   ( II )

Scalings and internal structure of Mandelbrot-like sets


Tucci, Kay    ( III )

Chaotic synchronization induced by asymmetry in coupled maps on random networks


Tufaile, Adriana   ( II )

Chaotic scattering in curved kaleidoscopes and Plateau borders


Tufaile, Alberto    ( II )

Mixing Foams and Grains in Hele-Shaw cells


Vasconcelos, Diogenes   ( I )

Scaling Laws in the Recurrence Quantitative Analysis of a Stock Market


Viana, Emilson  Ribeiro   ( III )

Experimental Period-Adding Bifurcation in a Modified Chua's Circuit


Vieira Abud, Celso    ( I )

Investigating Fermi Acceleration in the 4-dimensional phase space 


Vieira Abud, Celso  ( I )

Investigation of quasi-doublets inside the beach region in the annular billiard system  


Vilela, Rafael  ( III )

A comparative study of different integrate-and-fire neurons: spontaneous activity, dynamical response, and stimulus-induced correlation


Vilela, Rafael  ( I )

Trapping heavy particles in open flows


Zambrano, Eduardo   ( III )

Discrete lattices of vanishing correlations for triplets of coherent states


Zanetti, Fabio Marcel   ( I )

Reflection Chromaticity of a cholesteric liquid crystal multilayered structure with anisotropic defect layer


Zohren, Stefan   ( II )

Causal random geometry from stochastic quantization


Zuñiga, Jaime   ( I )

Semi-classical conductance of a periodic chaotic waveguide